Built Projects


K u a l a L u m p u r C i t y C e n t e r  |  2007

Due to the lack of space for Friday prayers congregation, Petronas decided to extend and refurbish the existing mosque. Since aQidea’s principal ,Ar Ahmad Rozi Wahab , was involved in the design of the mosque back in the early 90’s, aQidea was commissioned to look into the expansion .As to not deviate too much from the existing design and to maintain as much as the current look, we have decided to continue another layer of similar canopy roof above the existing garden structure. By checking the existing loading that the structure could take, we found that it was possible to have another floor. The new proposed canopy are much lighter by using aluminium members.The new roof structure are the metaphor of a dates palm plantation, reminiscent of the original Prophet’s mosque in Madinah Al Munawarah. We have also introduced roof lights at strategic locations to get light into the deep space. Additional stairs and ablution areas were added to cater for the ever increasing congregation. Finally we manage to add extra 5,500 praying spaces to the existing 6,000, making it , almost double.